Sunday, 12 September 2010


American blog Chambers of Rock today posted a rave review of Europe's Last Look At Eden album. Here's an except from the glowing 4.5 star review -

On this album it’s kind of like they really took their time on this to get everything down EXACTLY how they wanted it. It just sounds and feels so right and yes, there is absolutely no doubting that their influences shine through a lot here.

The album starts with a dark orchestrated piece Prelude before merging into the edgy and still dark, extremely Zeppelin like title track Last Look at Eden which simply just blows me away.

As dark and heavy a sound as the band has found, they can still master the big melodic choruses. Joey Tempest’s voice is still distinctive, with perhaps a more edgy touch and John Norum is simply playing out of his skin with some classy leads breaks.

Gonna Get Ready at times could be the modern day Cherokee with its almost Indian tribal type feel, that rocks like a good ‘un! Then in the mid section the band completely backs off, leaving Tempest to sing softly with some light acoustic guitar and then it builds right back up again to rock your socks off. Excellent stuff!

Steady rocker Catch That Plane keeps the same theme, as the previous two and with Mic Michaeli’s Hammond organ sound and some almost Blackmore at times guitar playing during the verses, gives the song a little of a Purple type effect. While Norum hits his solo spot, he’s got that Lizzy sound that Brian Robertson always favoured, that is so often true of his work these days. It’s a great multi tempo track, up and down and slick.

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