Thursday, 5 August 2010


Europe's bass guitarist John Levén was recently interviewed by Sonic Shocks when the band played Sonisphere at Knebworth in the UK on Friday July 30th.

Here's an excerpt from the interview -

On an overcast, sticky but gloomy Friday Sonic Shocks rock up at Sonisphere, Dictaphones, laptops and pens at the ready. Yes it’s interview time and today we are ushered onto a rather swanky Gibson Guitar tour bus (one of only five in the world) where we sit on the plush leather sofas inside. Who should be joining us today? None other than John Levén, bass player for Europe.

Sonic Shocks: Hey! How are you?

John: Ok, we just flew in from doing a press conference last night in Sweden!

Sonic Shocks: How was the Swedish festival?

John: Pretty good! We played in the city’s town square to lots of people and we are heading to Finland tomorrow.

Sonic Shocks: So that’s three festivals in three days?

John: Actually it’s four, we played one the day before!

Sonic Shocks: So you’re playing festivals in different countries, what are the differences?

John: It’s really difficult to say, we were in Poland last week and we had to shake hands with the Mayor. Festival-wise it’s not really that much different. I mean, festivals over here seem to have a more professional and organised. I mean in other places, the hotel Lobby is full of people waiting for you...

Sonic Shocks: So you have the upcoming Balls 'N' Bannners UK tour in February of next year....

John: Yeah we are coming back to the UK, it’s going to be great! We were here elast winter and the reception was really good, can’t wait to come back again!

Read the full interview -
Photo Credit: (c) Denis O'Regan

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  1. yeeeeeeah you've played in poland 2 great concerts! we're hoping for another ones :) love